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Certified Care
Our greatest goal is to guarantee satisfaction.
At Distinguished Care Home Health, we combine leading-edge knowledge with a smile. Our regular visits and personalized appointments keep our patients constantly surrounded by respectable personnel, working hard to meet their needs.
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Our Services


Services such as treatments, supervision of medication, wound care, wound care and many more.


Trained to assist our patients in improving their abilities in performing daily activities.


Helping patients in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.


Helping patients improve human communications, development, and disorders.

Social Work

Provides counseling for patients and their loved ones in dealing with the social and emotional aspects.

Home Health

Assisting our patients with activities of daily living.

Care is provided in the privacy and comfort of your home. All services are coordinated with your 24 hour skilled nurse. Home care may prevent hospitalization/re-hospitalization. It enables patients to leave the hospital. Short recovery time.

Your doctor, family and friends. You can also refer yourself to Home Care. Insurance companies, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab units may also refer you.

You insurance may provide complete or partial payment. The Home Care Team will explain your coverage and will bill you insurance directly. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Private insurance, Private pay.

New surgical procedure, new or change in your medical diagnosis, new or changed medication, problem with talking or swallowing, new or changed caregiver, new medical equipment such as oxygen, a walker, blood sugar meter, difficulty walking, transferring or performing regular daily activities.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality home care.

It is our goal to help our clients live comfortable and safely. We operate with the philosophy that every patient should receive care in the safest, most appropriate and least restrictive setting possible.

Great Staff
Our nurses are highly qualified and friendly.
We are happy to accomodate to the multi-cultural nature of Southern California with a variety of multi-lingual staff.
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